My Wife having problems with belching and angina

Posted by mimib @mimib, Jan 25, 2016

My Wife having problems with belching and angina

About two years ago she was diagnosis with Pimentel Angina, after having on off crushing pains, belching, and sweating.
This journey is very strange starting about 10 years ago after being rushed to the hospital after having a late night dinner. At the hospital they gave her a GI cocktail and was released, no other symptoms appeared until about 4 years ago with a tuned up vengeance. She started burping VERY loudly and if not releasing the burping feeling then having that feeling I mentioned earlier, with the pain going away in 2-5 minutes. This went on for 2 more years when finally one morning she passed out while not being able to burp. When she came to her blood pressure was off tilt and they treated that and also the chest pains “symptoms”. After running all the test for heart attacks no symptoms were found but her blood enzymes were slightly elevated. She was released the next day and was back in the ER within 1 week with the same issue, chest pain, sweating, belching. This time the hospital hooked her up to a EKG and it happened she started having a Angina attack, thus being diagnosis. After being checked for blockage in her arteries and multiple test and a few small attacks she was put on a variety of calcium blockers and medicines for anti spasms. As you can see this started over a decade ago thinking it was Gerd or a stomach issue now to having attacks daily (before taking medicines) now to having attacks once or twice a month, only having immediate relieve with a Nitrate tablet or two. Now I am no doctor but I think all of this is stemmed from a stomach issue, since she can’t feel better or relief if the belch doesn’t come up. Now she can feel it coming or a strange stomach feeling. She is seeing a Gastroenterologist and having misc. test run to investigate. The nitrate tablets are the only immediate relief when the attacks come (even after taking the bank of medicines). The belching and stomach feeling starts this process then developing into the chest / back / sweating / feeling..

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What a journey you and your wife have been on for the past decade. I can’t begin to imagine how your wife must feel when she starts to notice an attack coming on. It’s like being a ticking time bomb. Like you, many people search long before finding a diagnosis and treatment solution.

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Mimib, is the gastroenterologist your wife is seeing a new specialist that you are trying to find answers with?


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Can you tell me a bit more about your digestion and belching issues so that I can help connect you with other members who may have similar experiences?

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