My seven year is always hot, no fever, not sick

Posted by motivated1 @motivated1, Nov 21, 2016

I’ve notice as a baby my son would wiggle the covers off himself constantly after placing it on him when we were in a cool environment. Now seven years later he is still doing the same thing. When I place a cover over him he is constantly taking it off. If he’s too tired to snatch it off, then he’s sweating while everyone else is cold and grabbing blankets. There a lot of time when he is sleeping I can feel the heat radiates from him.

There was a night where it reached 45 degrees and my son was taking off his jacket. He seems to always be hot, no matter the temp.

Does anyone know if this is hereditary? Have anyone experience this with their child/children or self?

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Welcome to Connect @motivated1.

Let’s wait for other member’s comments to see if they have observed the same phenomena in their children.

That being said, this may be something you would like to contact a pediatrician about your son’s condition.
Have you discussed this concern with medical professionals?

If you would like to make an appointment at any of the Mayo clinic campuses, Minnesota, Arizona, or Florida, please use this link,


I’ve seen five people yesterday comment on this post. Now I can’t see anyone. I can’t even read there post anymore.


Hello @motivated1, I grew up always hot as well. When I was your sons age I slept with just a sheet. My parents were always upset because as I got older I would be out playing or shoveling snow in T-shirts. I burn calories at a high rate (average 4200 a day). I am muscular with low body fat without trying. I am 5’9″ at 165 pounds at age 50. I still keep my bedroom at 65 deg and sleep with just a sheet. My father and a couple of other relatives are also like this and have all had Doctors tell us it is a hereditary condition that is normal. I would advise asking his Doctor to make sure and also ask around your families about any similarities. Good luck!


Thank you @chefbrown for sharing your story. Thank you for pointing out the positive side of having this hereditary trait, calories is burn, low body fat without trying, not able to be overweight and active. His future looks bright! His doctor states it has to be hereditary since my son is very healthy and active. I will check with both sets of grandparents to see if it came from them. Thanks for the advice!

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