My Psychiatrist and Me

Posted by ainsleigh @ainsleigh, Aug 30, 2018

When I became ill with depression and anxiety the first psychiatrist I saw was of little help to me . He did give me an antidepressant but other than that he
listened to me but really did not respond. I knew I needed more than that and asked him to refer me to another psychiatrist. At the first appointment with her she reassured me that I was not going crazy (I was sure I was before that!) She said I had depression and anxiety and that it is very treatable. She then gave me her home phone number in case I ever needed it!! (I never did use it.) I know that she must have been an angel and I know there are not many like her but I do think a good psychiatrist does more than just prescribe. I imagine that psychologists and social workers are a mixed bag too.
Some great, some so-so and some hopeless.
If you do not have a good one – keep looking!

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I have suffered depression my entire life and I am now 76. Drs. had in the past given me various meds that seemed to work but never any thing on a long term basis. I finally saw a psychiatrist, who subsequently had her medical license suspended, and then got in with highly recommended Dr. I wanted to see. After a two hour intake session he agreed to take me on but as I was walking out the door he said I want you to see xxxx, she is a therapist who does not work for me but just rents an office in my building. I was somewhat taken backen back by this but made a follow appointment with the Dr. and an appointment the therapist. I was pretty cinical about the therapist and what talk therapy could accomplish but that is what the Dr. said he wanted me to do.
We can now jump 7 years ahead when things seemed to just get worse. By this point my Dr. and I had developed trust in each other and we threw the kitchen sink at my problem as far as drugs go. Finally with a very high dose of two anti depressants and 4mg of Klonopin we broke the code. My next appointment was with my therapist and I walked in said "I'm well". I had been able to figure out the focus of my depression and throughout several days worked out the whole thing and was free. This whole process took 10 years and I am convinced that with out therapy I would never have gotten better. I still take a low dose of anti-depressants and 1\2 mg of Klonopin daily but I am a free man. I'm fully convinced that both drugs and therapy are important. For me I think the drugs could have masked the illness but would never gotten it under control without therapy.

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