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Stroke during surgery for brain tumor

Posted by @lizzybeth, Aug 25, 2012

My mother recentlly had a tumor removed from her brain and while she was under she suffered a stroke…she has since gotten back less than 30% of her motor skills and continues to suffers various illnesses and setback and we were just informed she is not goin to get any better and has progressed as far as she will ever…im 32yrs old and have not really lost anyone in my family thus far. this is destroyin me and i dont know how to handle it…i was just wondering if anyone else out there round my age can relate and maybe help me through this horrible time in my life..



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Posted by @bel, Sep 2, 2012

Hi Lizzybeth, how old is your Mom?
I’m sorry to hear your pain, fear and frustration. I have a 90 yr old Mom, who has heart and kidney issues. Her heart is now working at 20%. It is very difficult to care for her and it requires a lot of patience and love, but for me it is very rewarding! My Mom is very sweet and has always had a gentle spirit. I have no resentments towards her, so this makes a huge difference! I hope this is your case.
Do you have any support or are you the only one to care for her?
Having others to talk about your struggles and frustration helps tremendously. This helped my a lot two years ago when the hospital wanted to put my Mom on hospice. My support group at the time helped myrocess my pain and were very helpful with suggestions for other resources too.
You want to check all resources available to you in your area.
Blessings to you and your mother.


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Posted by @almondlatte, Dec 7, 2012

Sorry to hear about your mom. It is a tough thing to go through. I lost my mother-in-law after four months at the mayo a year in a half ago. I was 32 at the time and things are now getting better. For us she suffered some complications during surgery and would start to get better, doctors would talk recovery and then infections or other things would happen. In the end my husband and his dad eventually had to choose to either continue the battle or let her go. He struggled with the decision for some time as it is so easy to forget how sick they were in the hospital or replay all of your decisions. It is hard to lose a parent when your young but at the same time we realized that a few of our friends lost their parents at a younger age. Everyone told us it takes a year to grieve and it did. The first yr is tough but the second is easier. For us we also had to force ourselves to remember the good times and not the painful months at the hospital. Hang in there.

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