Ruptured brain aneurysm

Posted by zoe888 @zoe888, Jun 26, 2018

So looking for anyone who has experienced a ruptured brain anurism . By the grace of God I survived! Even came out of it w no after effects and left the hospital after a cooling and 2 weeks in I.C.U! This was back in Feb of this year but have noticed over the last few weeks I’m just not feeling myself. Like my heads in the clouds. A bit out of it! Also bouts of anxiety, sleeplessness, as well of severe fatigue and increasing bouts of depresion. Wondering if anyone out there has experienced the same kinds of things and if these are an after effect of what I went through???

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Hi @zoe888, welcome to Connect. I added your message to the Cerebrovascular Diseases group as well so that you can connect with other members talking about brain aneurysms, like @kariulrich @jeancary @monicajones @edda @kristivila @abissol41. Some members have also experienced a ruptured brain aneurysm and may be able to share their recovery experiences.

I'm not a doctor, but feeling not quite yourself after such an experience as you did, especially spending 2 week in ICU, it is understandable that you might face things like sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. Have you heard of Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS). You might be interested in reading the Connect page/blog about PICS here: Nurse practitioner @andreab explains it in the series "Breaking it down: PICS Prevention and Recovery"

There's also a discussion about PICS and other discussions about aneurysms that you may be interested in reading and joining in:
– TBI and brain aneurysms
– #MayoClinicNeuroChat about Brain Aneurysms (Video and chat)
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Zoe, I think you'll find reading these stories that you're not alone. Have you talked with your doctor about your feelings?


Thank You so much ! I have an appt. I'm the near future with my primary care doc. I will also look into the links you providef! I appreciate it!!!


Hello Zoe, although I can not relate personally to your struggles I am familiar as 3 of my family members have had TBI so I am a witness of it and have nothing but compassion and respect for your "invisible injury". I work for the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance and wanted to make you aware of the support, education, resources and programs we have available for you at no cost, specifically our Resource Facilitation program. It has made a world difference for my brother and his family's lives. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those coping with the sudden and long-term effects of a brain injury. Feel free to check out our website if you would like to learn more. Please know you are not alone, people care, and you have a lot of potential we can help you navigate back to. Prayers and thoughts go to you. Also please feel free to reach out to me anytime!

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