My Dad needs open heart surgery

Posted by kbauer23 @kbauer23, Dec 12, 2021

My Dad is 67 years old and has many health issues. He lives in Ca and I'm in I am trying to understand what is happening because he doesn't explain it in detail. He had some procedure through wrist to see if that would help blood flow to heart. However, they couldn't help him as it's too far advanced. His veins in legs are not pumping blood to heart either, such poor circulation. Diabetes too but under control. He got an Echo and on 12/14 he is scheduled with Heart specialist. I am wondering how long before they schedule open heart surgery as I will need to go and be with him. I have to see him before they do this surgery. Im scared. I also don't know how long I can stay after his recovery. He doesn't have anyone to care for him once home. Any advice?

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My daughter was here to help for a week and a half. Your Dad, being alone, will need help longer than that. Maybe he is eligible for some kind of home health care. I had open heart surgery 3 weeks ago and still cannot bend over or lift my hands overhead. Of course it depends on what kind of surgery they perform. Good luck to you both.


@kbauer23 Hi I had triple by pass in 96 What I remember was after his open heart he should go to rehab before going home What kind of open heart is he having ? My son was with me after my surgery was done for 2 weeks but depends .Suggestion
contact his Dr ask his opinion. With his diabetes he needs you for awhile Call his Dr


One concern is how long he will be under anesthesia. My husband had aortic valve replacement, was under five hours and it triggered memory loss in a major way. It was probably going on before but it radically changed how his brain functioned.

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