MTHFR Mutation

Posted by doriejean @doriejean, Feb 3 11:16am

I was born with MTHFR Mutation. I've had all the symptoms of this mutation all my 82 years of life including mental illnesses.
I now have a Southern Illinois Medical School professor who understands this disease and has ease the symptoms that have plagued me all my life.

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So glad you found someone who understands. How did they help you ease your symptoms?


Can you share with us what has helped you ? I have this gene also .


@doriejean, I add my welcome. Like @grandmad, I'd be interested in learning more about your experience with managing symptoms related to the MTHFR mutation. What symptoms were you experiencing? How has your new team helped?


As I write the account MTHFR has cause my during my life, you must factor in that my childhood was filled with anxiety that ruled my life during times turmoil. My husband worked for a corporation and were transferred multiple times.
I had migraine headaches and Obsessive-Compulsive Disease (OCD) all through my childhood until I was 18 years old. Actually, OCD has been my constant partner throughout my entire life. I obsessed about men in my life without end. These are the symptoms I had that can now be attributed to my MTHFR:
Anxiety OCD Infertility ADHD Dyslexia Agoraphobia
Diarrhea Anger Fainting Anemia
I would be sitting on my sofa and suddenly I felt myself flying out the window, smelling order from my childhood.
Recently, I have had fits of anger. Thankfully, I am on medication that controls the anger. Four days after starting to take Methyl B-12, my obsessions disappeared forever. I also take iron supplements. I thank medicine for all the research its doing in researching MTHFR.
For the one who has MTHFR, I hope you are not suffering. Don't wait another minute to find help. Some people who have it may not have symptoms

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