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MTHFR Mutation

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I have been diagnosed with MTHFR. Had my vit B tested and it is over 2000. That is the highest amount that labcocrp can test for. I am worried for the health of my liver. Can anyone tell me how to detox this from my liver?

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Welcome @terriss, It can be scary to get high levels of vitamins on a blood lab and not know what to do. I don't have any personal experience with the MTHFR gene or high levels of vitamin B12 but hopefully others with experience can offer suggestions. You might find the following older discussion helpful to read what others have shared.
--- High Levels of Vitamin B12 and Ferritin: Any pointers?: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/high-levels-of-b12/.

You might find this information from the Pernicious Anemia Organization helpful:
--- What Do High B12 Levels Mean?: https://perniciousanemia.org/b12/levels/high/

Have you discussed the test results with your doctor or primary care team to see if they have some suggestions that can help lower the numbers?

Please don’t worry! B12 is water soluble and will not harm the liver. A high level means that it’s just circulating in the blood and not being used by the body, especially if you’ve taken supplements. A hematologist will check for pernicious anemia and get you on track. Perniciousanenia.org has lots of info. Best wishes!