MRSA was found in my sputum

Posted by natalee_43 @natalee_43, Jul 8, 2019

Hello, I had recently had gotten my mucus tested because I would get a whole bunch of green mucus in the back of my throat that would be very thick. The test results came back with MRSA my doctor is putting me on antibiotics but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this or know what is happening in my body.

sylvermoon8…… Hi — I'm Jan and I just wanted to say MRSA was the first bacteria I was treated for. Levofloxacin did a good job. The 750 is the largest dosage I'm aware of, and I had a little trouble with side effects from that but when they moved it to 500 I breezed through it. So….. I've taken it more than once through the years (500) and it hasn't been a problem. "If" you are unhappy with the 750, you might consider asking for the 500. Made a big difference for me. Don't worry — MRSA was easily eradicated. It sounded scary to me but I learned it's not.


I am just put on Levofloxacin 750 mg for 10 days. I have read about awful side effects. How was it for you?

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I I have taken levofloxacin three times in the lSt three years never a problem. But I do no some people have problems

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