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angelad 38

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mood swings

Posted by @angelad38, May 18, 2012

why is it that i can be fine one minute and the nxt min im crying cussin and dont wont to be around no one and then the nxt min im okay but still feeling sad i have a boyfriend and dont wont to run nor scare him off is something wrong with me i have been thru alot during my childhood life and adult life and im trying to let it go but i cant



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Posted by @annp, May 25, 2012

You may have a psychiatric disorder and should see a psychiatrist for testing and treatment. Traumatic events and the memories can affect us all through life. We have to talk to someone who knows what to do and learn how to manage the affect of those events. My very best to you.

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Posted by @tammyb, May 28, 2012

Seek help ASAP. There are medications which can help with your mood swings. you are right that these mood swings are hard on the one’s you love. I have them due to my bipolar disordeer. I am not saying you have bipolar disorder, this is just my problem. Speak to your family doctor or psyciatrist for assistance with these feelings. You do not have to live like this. Best of luck. Prayers are with you.

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Posted by @giggles, Jun 22, 2012

do you have gb syndrome too?


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Posted by @amberpep, Jul 3, 2012

Hi. It sounds similar to what I have ….. rapid cycling cyclothymia, or possibly rapid cycling bi-polar. I’d definitely see a doctor ASAP. There are truly good meds. out there to help you.

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Posted by @paige, Jul 21, 2012

Rapid mood swings are treatable- You just have to hope the pdoc finds the right meds. I would not say there is something wrong with who you are. You deserve to have peace and happiness in your life. I’m sorry for traumas as a child and as an adult. Maybe certain circumstances in the present are making you remember hurtful things in your past ? Bad experiences in my past will not leave my memory either- You’re not alone.

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