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Posted by hopalongnm3 @hopalongnm3, 3 days ago

Anyone with Bipolar spectrum disorders? 1,2 or 3 or rapid cycling? How are you managing medication SE, continuing meds for years?
I’m worried about my kidneys. I want to go off the meds but the anxiety is fierce. How do others deal with this?
I am 69 and was first diagnosed 2 years ago. I am off all psych meds but Lithium now. The withdrawal from Ativan was really rough.
Anxiety around sleep continues to plague though and sometimes just waking seems to trigger it
What do you all do for the anxiety?.
Don’t tell me about mindfulness meditation- that seems to be the standard reply. Meditation is impossible for me when anxious. Maybe there is just no way out of this. It gets exhausting and I think about dying (no ideation though) being easier than another day of this, then I have a few good days and love life again
What do you do about the social phobias?

Thanks everyone.

@hopalongnm3 You are looking to connect with members that are on the Bipolar.

You will notice that I added this discussion to the Mental Health group as well. I did this so you could connect with members like @marjou @lucky @sarahzx @sadeyes @hotfooted @fiddler91 have discussed bipolar disorder in the past and may wish to weigh in on the conversation.

Below I have linked a few previous discussions related to bipolar disorder. If you haven't already done so, you may wish to scroll through the previous posts and read the comments and suggestions.
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I'm wondering if you can give me some background? Are you currently in therapy and what is your therapy history?


Hi thank you for answering so soon. My original diagnosis is ptsd from early childhood trauma. I also now carry GAD and BPD type 2. Several meds have been tried on me, none of them able to alleviate anxiety and depression. I failed several ADs and unfortunately was self treating because of spotty insurance coverage.

I was dx’d 21/2 years ago with BPD. I recently wit(drew from Ativan and lyrica and mirtazapine. I am followed by a new MD who is continuing me on Li 600 Er mg at night. My last Li level was 1.2 on the regular Lithium 600 mg.
I have been tried on Abilify and Saphris which triggered a real mania like I have never had in my life with real suicidal ideation.

In October I took Cipro for a UTI which flipped me into acute benzodiazepine withdrawal. I was seen briefly in the Psych ER, where they advised me to go back on the Ativan. I am now free of that drug. My last dose was December 12, 2020.

I have not been able to access a CBT therapist in Albuquerque.

I am 69, recently retired after a 40 years career- 20 years as an RN, mostly in ICU and ER, and the last 20 as an NP boarded in Family practice and Psych The last 5 years in the VA in Albuquerque.

With the ACE, I have been in and out of therapy since ago 20
I am getting exhausted as I don’t feel better and am very discouraged.


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