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*Major Depression & it's Impact on the Entire Body*

Posted by @roxie43 in Brain & Nervous System, May 18, 2013

Hello My Friends,

I have not started a new discussion in a while but I have not forgotten you. While I have had my ups and downs (mostly down) with a life that is not easy, I am learning firsthand how depression leads to an increased vulnerability to other health issues. In addition to depression, I also live with PTSD/Anxiety and am beginning to develop serious stress related health issues.

I am writing you not to further stress you out but to empower you to make a conscious effort to care for yourself fully and comprehensively. It can be easy to focus on a specific aspect of one's health and neglect others. I know because I have been neglecting myself in other areas and being a middle aged woman does not help me.

So, please please please.....take it from me and have your annual medical exams for every part of your body.

When we don't feel our best in one area we tend to focus on that specific area but we need holistic care if we are truly going to be healthy and productive. I come from a family where diabetes, cancer and heart disease are prevalent/fatal and I am disappointed in myself for neglecting my body to ensure my brain was ok.

Interestingly, it's never too late and I have not, so I think, developed anything too serious but I need and you all need to address all medical needs. Two close relatives were just diagnosed with cancer and it's scary because mammograms were not done consistently. One of them also suffers from mental illness and has spent most of her life focusing on her mental illness instead of her entire body.

Let's be proactive because the last thing we need is to suddenly or gradually improve our moods only to find we have to deal with another battle.

God Bless & Hugs Rox~

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Posted by @anon54214697, Jun 16, 2013

Thank you for sharing. So important to take care of ourselves.

All the best to you.

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Posted by @polly512, Sep 15, 2013

Yes thank you Roxie43 Are you saying every part of your body should be cked annually? Isnt that really expensive? I know doctors I've had many & all they want to do is put you thru the gamut of tests using their expensive machines & even then you have to try this prescrition or this one or another. I'm tired of doctors. It's very be- littling to me. It's time for people to take control of their own health. DO the research & dont be afraid to try something new. Im looking toward naturopathy 🙂


Posted by @piglit, Sep 15, 2013

I agree I too feel that there are many naturopathic alternatives to try. I think that it's good to explore different avenues. I myself cant' take anything for anxiety or depression as it interacts with another medication i have to take. I also think that relaxtion techniques have their benefits as well. Take care Piglit

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Posted by @polly512, Sep 18, 2013

Roxie43 what kind of community resources are you talking about?


Posted by @roxie43, Sep 27, 2013

Where I live we have a 211 number that is a wonderful resource. The services are broad and include; assistance with utilities, rent, supportive socialization legal and even health care. Many services are free of charge and many times preventative. However there are also referrals for free insurance and/or programs that offer free and/or low cost services. You have to research your area because I am sure that services like mine exist. My library offers free yoga which is wonderful but I have not taken advantage of this yet. I am tired of hospital settings as well but if we are serious about our full recovery we have to do whatever it takes. Try fun things as well. Ok off to bed but will check back soon.


Posted by @roxie43, Sep 17, 2013

We should make every effort to get checked as well as try to live as healthy as we can. I love sweets and with 2 parents whom are diabetic I have to be extra careful. There are a lot of preventative things that we can do and we should also know our community resources because some services can be free.
Best Rox

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