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Major depression

Posted by @east1952 in Mental Health, Oct 31, 2012

I have suffered from depression and panic attacks my entire life and they have gotten to the point that I have pretty much stopped participating in life. I just went through a series of TMS treatment (transcranial magnetic stimulation) which I was supposed to be the perfect candidate for. It didn't work, and since meds and group therapy have failed as well I feel there is no hope left that I'll ever get better. If anyone has gone through a similar situation but found a solution to recovering from their depression I would desperately love to hear about it.

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Posted by @nevergiveup, Nov 1, 2012

Have not dealt with clinical depression,,,,but do get depressed and deal with anxiety. What helps me the most for depression is exercise. It REALLY makes a huge difference. Especially if you can get outdoors for a walk. Try it,,, see if it helps.


Posted by @annheaney, Nov 3, 2012

Exercise helps with depression and it's relative anxiety. Exercise is a safe thing to experiment with.


Posted by @piglit, Nov 3, 2012

I agree I think that exercise is good. Has helped me alot although I am limited to walking

Posted by Anonymous-644dddd7, Nov 3, 2012

The important thing is that walking works for you.


Posted by @piglit, Nov 4, 2012

It does and I find walking very enjoyable


Posted by @annheaney, Nov 1, 2012

There are several Meds for depression. Have you told your doctor what you told me? He/She is the key. I take Effexor which helps with depression and anxiety. It is hard for you to go through this. You may want a second opinion. Consider. There are a lot of meds for depression. Don't give up!


Posted by @laurieneedshelp, Nov 3, 2012

hi i have been depressed for so long i honestly dont know how im still on this earth but i believe in God so i havent ended my life but i cant go on this depressed theres no words for it! i went to get help yet again and i never get on the computer cause i dont care about it but my mom told me to look up medications so that when i go to the dr i will be more educated on medications wich by the way ive been on so many different ones i could spit but anyway i went last week and the dr put me on something that made my eyes swell up so now im depressed and ugly so anyway i went back in today and she put me on depakote but the side effects are very bad as i found out when i got home and read the papers that come with the medication! I am not giving up though i told God that i cant go on this way its to painfull and im trusting the he will help me find the right medication! im in the same place you are and when i found that i could talk with people with the same pain it made me feel better cause when or if i leave my home nobody seems depressed! I would also like to hear how other people have gotten better and the medications they are on!


Posted by @marytexas, Nov 6, 2012

i am so sorry for your continued suffering. What worked for me was learning drugs alone could not cure me nor could therapy alone. for me it required both medicine and therapy. i had to change core beliefs and attitudes. i could not work on changing my thinking until i had enough medicine to think more clearly.


Posted by @anneinside, Dec 6, 2012

I have episodes of depression and have had ECT to treat it. I responded well with minimal memory loss. Have you considered it?

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