Lungs & Heart

Posted by Larry @crashnam, Sep 25, 2017

Making it short, age 67, male, have had PVCs for 40 plus years. Very bothersome at times but have lived with it since I do have good days. Developed inconsistent AFIB 4 years ago. Gets up to around 200 bpm most times. However, the PVCs have always bothered me more and they are more scary. Also have mild emphysema (no inhalers or other drugs needed yet). AFIB seems to have let up some with longer periods in between, but PVCs are still there of course. Have still always been able to do anything physical through it all. However, a few weeks a go I noticed that after mild physical exertion I will get sudden palps, especially in upper stomach area. Confused whether it is the heart by itself or lungs creating more problems for me as it relates to the heart?

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