Recipes and Tips for a Low Sodium and Low Potassium Diet

Posted by tcokeefe @tcokeefe, Jan 5, 2020

With my diagnosis of Diastolic Heart Failure (see “Stiff Heart” topic in this forum) I am supposed to go on a low sodium diet. But I now have read that with the medication I’m on, Spironolactone, I should also strictly observe low potassium. Of course all the foods I used to eat daily – bananas, spinach, yams, etc etc – are HIGH potassium foods and not to be used. Does anyone have any info on a source of menus or recipes for this sort of forbidden combination of foods? Thanks!

Great topic to get started, @tcokeefe. I'm bringing in fellow members @bjanderson @yoanne @mzhp1988 @hopeful33250 @lioness @lioness and @paladin1 to share their favorite low salt and low potassium recipes and tips.

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How do YOU Cope with Low Sodium Diet?

tcokeefe, can you kick us off? What is your favorite recipe that fits the restrictions?


I wish I knew! But I have discovered that Vermont Bread Company makes a sodium-free whole-wheat bread! But then I see on one list of high potassium foods to avoid "whole grain" breads! I have to say, reading over lists of low-potassium foods, a low-potassium diet looks pretty darn unhealthy to me! So many of the great veggies and fruits for a plant-based diet are off the list! The low-sodium I can handle, but this addition of low-potassium is a challenge!


What foods can be eaten on a low potassium diet? Is there somewhere I can find a list?

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