Loved one with an unknown medical problem with no answers

Posted by rljacobs618 @rljacobs618, Mar 13, 2019

My boyfriend has been experiencing on and off dizziness, chest pain with radiation to his left shoulder/arm, reflux with regurgitation, and fatigue. His symptoms began in October and has progressively becoming more frequent. This man used to work out 5-6 times a week for 2-2.5 hours at a time and has not worked out for 2.5 months now due to the physical activity exacerbating his symptoms. He has consulted with a cardiologist and went through the echo, stress test, and 72 hour Holter monitor test and everything came back normal. He just had an endoscopy done that came back normal, but we are waiting for the results from the biopsy the doctor performed and the 48 hour Bravo pH test. I am here with hopes that someone has experienced this and/or knows someone who did to shed some light onto what is going on with him. I greatly appreciate it, thank you.

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@rljacobs618 I am sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I have no answers for you, just empathy. I too went through a long time with various symptoms and no diagnosis so I know too well how disheartening that is.
I think your best bet for a diagnosis would be a major medical center that is a teaching hospital.
I hope you will get more responses, and that some will be from others who have had similar problems.
Please update us when the results are in from this last round of tests.

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