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Have either of you been told you're having nonconvulsive status epilepticus when you have these long episodes.
Could it be possible you are sleeping after the seizure.
Chris, have you ever had focal to bilateral tonic-clonic seizures, previously called secondarily generalized seizures?
Take care,


Hi Jake,
I do believe I had a nonconsulvive status epilepticus in 2018, when I was not yet correctly diagnosed. I was some hours talking about things that made no sense at all. The doctor who diagnosed me with epilepsy in 2019 said to me that this was caused by medication. At that time, I was diagnosed with depression and taking anti-depressive medication.
Yes, I had the experience of a secondarily generalized seizure in 2020 due to the great drop of my sodium level in my blood caused by Trilpetal.
Have a good evening!

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