Life after gastroschisis and warning signs about insides

Posted by tlovesherdad2020 @tlovesherdad2020, Nov 26, 2020

My daughter was born at 32 wks after diagnosing her with gastro her intestines were 32 cm out of her belly growing shut . Dr's saved her repaired the intestine back in through her belly button and 4 months later home from the NICU . I was blessed with an angel …. 15 yrs later she is amazing in every way. Even if I cant get her to take meralax or vitamins….we have had a MRI done on but I'm not sitting easy with the dark sunk in circles around her eyes

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@tlovesherdad2020 – Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! First, I want to say how impressed I am about your daughter’s recovery from this difficult and potentially serious abdominal defect she was born with. It must have been difficult for you to deal with.
Can you expand more on your current concern? Does she have abdominal symptoms or other signs of illness? You mention darkness under eyes?
I would appreciate it very much if you could add more detail !


I can understand your concerns. I have not had a baby born with gastroschisis. I have gone through being concerned for my teenage son and him not paying attention to the his diet with abdominal problems and a teenage daughter who was almost constantly dealing with bronchitis because she would not take her medications. I thought my children would be obedient as I was when I was a teenager 😁. I was frustrated.. and now I deal with a teenage granddaughter .. sigh. The teen years are difficult for many and it can make it difficult for parents to take care of the teen's medical concerns.

Did you get the results of the MRI? Have they done a CT scan?

I have had my intestines herniate into my chest and have had extensive abdominal repair. There is dealing with diarrhea as well as constipation. I cannot take Miralax.. it just causes horrible stomach pains and no relief of constipation for me. So I use Milk of Magnesia and it works for me. Maybe the Miralax is doing the same to her or maybe it is unpredictable on when it will work.

Is there a lack of vitamin absorption? My doctor suggested I take a liquid or chewable vitamin. I take either the Flintstone chewable or the generic of it. There also have gummies. They are easier for your stomach to absorb. I also take a gel pill of vitamin d and a b12 injections.

It reads like your daughter is very tired with darkness under her eyes, but a couple of other things could be going on. Is she having trouble sleeping.. from pain.. peer problems or anything that can worry or depress her? Does she have allergies? Is she dehydrated?

It can be difficult to get teenagers to open up to their parents. Is there a doctor or counselor she is comfortable talking with if she does not feel she can fully open up to you?

I hope something I said helps and nothing I said offends.

Zee Gee

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