Larynx sensory Neuropathy

Posted by tkubby @tkubby, Jan 23, 2019

I am looking to talk with anyone that has been told they have larynx sensory neuropathy. In other words, over active nerves in the larynx.

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I have had a chronic cough for 30 years. I have been told I have LSN. I have tried EVERYTHING including Botox injections, amitriptyline, two complete workups at National Jewish Hospital in Denver, CO. I have allergies that are managed with over the counter antihistamine. I am on a small dose of omeprazole. I have tried speech therapy. Nothing so far has worked. I have read through the post and was curious about the voice therapy using a Kazoo? Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thank you


@tkubby I have not been told that I have larynx sensory neuropathy. I have noticed changes in my voice and throat that I associate with reflux and many intubations. My throat is sensitive (mildly achy) most of the time and my voice is scratchy. I almost always have a buildup of phlegm in my throat. I do not talk as much as I once did and no longer attempt to sing. I used to talk quite a lot and sang in choirs since my youth. I can no longer do phone work because after 1/2 day I lose my voice. Are these symptoms similar to yours?

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Your symptoms exactly mirror mine. Ohio State doctor started me on Tramadol and Lyrica which gave me 80% relief but I still cannot sing without coughing and when become stressed the coughing increases……not fun. I have been diagnosed with Laryngeal Sensory Neuropathy.

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