Looking for what to expect as I consider Kidney Transplant

Posted by Sevkira @sevkira, Jul 11, 2017

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give me more info on what to ask the transplant team when I go for my evaluation. I'm struggling with whether dialysis is better or a transplant. I know any surgey has risks.

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@renrussie, Wow! That is great news that the biopsy results were good. Now you can relax a bit while you continue your recovery.
I am curious as to why you used the term "implant". I have only heard "transplant". Is there any difference?

As I said earlier, I love the photo. And it reminded me to share this group with you:
- Snapshots of hope: Life on the other side of transplant.

And here is a place where you can share your story when you are ready. Do you think that your daughter would be interested to share her story, too?
- Organ Donation and Transplant: What is Your story?

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Ha! I worked for a pacemaker company for 41 years. Pacemakers are implanted. Used the word out of habit.

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