JAK2 negative with high platelets

Posted by mgrimes5 @mgrimes5, Oct 22 12:18pm

I have been told that my JAK2 results came back negative, which I think is a good thing, but my platelets continue to run over 800. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything, but what could these somewhat contradictory results mean?

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Good morning,
Has your spleen been removed?


Hi @mgrimes5, I's like to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. You came to the right place to seek possible causes of high platelet count with a negative JAK2 test.
I know that @shenriq and @mjpm2406 had positive JAK2s but perhaps they can lend some insight on what their physicians tested for prior to finding the mutation.
@mgrimes5 has your physician checked for an infection, anemia or low iron?


Hi @mgrimes5, wondering how you are doing and if your physician has followed up at all yet?

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