I've stopped taking my blood pressure

Posted by ashby1947 @ashby1947, Aug 30, 2020

In June, my BP was over 200 a couple of times, which sent me to the ED. In addition to Carvedilol TID, HCTZ 12.5, Telmisartin 40 BID, and Diltiazim 180, I was started on a Clonidine patch. I went through every possible renal test, 24 hr BP monitoring, etc. Everything was negative, no problems. My cardiologist said, "All your testing is normal. I don't have a good reason for why your BP fluctuates and requires so much medication. Hope you are okay." The end of July at my PCP doc, seeing the PA, my BP was 182 upon first check, and then 195 when I left. She said, "Keep an eye on your blood pressure." SInce that time, I have taken my BP a few times, with a high of 165, often 140ish, diastolic is okay. I have stopped taking it. There is nothing else "they" are going to do, apparently; although, I will see my cardiologist in October. I can tell when the BP is ultra high, and can dose myself with Clonidine tablets if necessary. So far, that has not been a problem. Taking my BP is stressful and annoying, and since there is nothing to do about it, I have chosen not to put myself through it. (I did just take it now, just to honest with you and myself – 12 noon – and it was 148/80.) So perhaps this is my "normal". I know that I have always felt that it had to be 120/80, and that somehow I had failed if it wasn't. A delusion I no longer harbor. I have studied, read and understand a great deal about BP, heart issues, and also myself. I am not avoiding anything, I just feel like I don't need the stress. Any thoughts, comments, or experiences? I am wishing you all well and healthy blood pressure – whatever that it for you! Sue

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Nice suggestions, @gizmo1500. Hope your physician can help you find some answers. Please let us know what he comes back and says and if your blood work indicates any of the suggested reasoning behind the high blood pressure.

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If your doctor says it is ok to stop taking your medicine and you also want to stop, stop taking it, If they are not saying it’s ok to stop it, keep taking it.
If you want to see different doctors see different doctors.
Do not just let it go uncontrolled especially if it seems really high regularly.

If you do you could possibly end up with a lacunar stroke or other issue that would make you wish you had a time machine and could go back and take your medicine to have avoided it. (Read this 3 times please, it can really happen)

However, your doctor would know if this is a risk for you (I don’t). I am not sure based on what you wrote and what I know. Good luck.

In summary, follow your doctors instructions…. or get the same or a new doctor and tell them what you want to do, and see if they can agree. Lacunar strokes do/can really happen to some people. Good luck.

Also, don’t feel burdened by taking your home BP daily. The following may help: I was advised to take it at approximately the same time each day, after resting for 5 minutes (I have seen longer), and not worry about taking it over and over. Also if you get a new machine you can often download an app on your smartphone that “writes it down” and puts it in an app you can bring your phone to your doctors and show him/her making it easier/faster to take and track.
If you do have a serious issue doing this becomes mandatory so hopefully you can find it easy/tolerable if you do something similar. If you go to your doctors without this data they can’t really advise as well on next steps.

Good luck.

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