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Is this Herpes? Please help?

Posted by @katielatlum, Dec 12, 2017

Hi, please could someone help, does this look like herpes or is it something else such as razor burn?



I don’t think,herpes is all over.
More in small ring worm.
Crabs r scabies more likely.

Dear Katie,
Hello, I saw your question and photo. From the looks of it, it seems like ingrown hairs? I would not scratch it or irritate the skin in any way before going to the dermatologist. It is in a tender spot too. Good luck and heal quickly!

@katielatlum While I am no doctor and by no means can I give medical advice, it looks like ingrown hairs to me. @sharonvogel gave good advice about not scratchig it and checking with a dermatologist. I hope you feel better soon.

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