Is this erythromelalgia or a COVID symptom

Posted by tangledlimbs @tangledlimbs, Dec 12, 2021

My 16 year old daughter had a flare-up of something today that the on-call nurse couldn't explain and I can't find anything online that helps. This flare-up presented like hyperemia in her face and ears that systemically cascaded to all joint areas (anteriorly, dorsally on wrists); although her very first indication was a visceral burning sensation in the 5th quadrant of her abdomen–right above her naval. This occurred minutes after getting up out of bed in the morning. She described the sensation of burning pain (not severe), intense heat radiating from her skin, and a tight-skin/inflammation. She said it felt just like having a sunburn. There was a tingly/scratchy feeling on the dorsal side of her wrists that burned when she rubbed/scratched the area.The pain was like a rug-burn. Her face and ears were bright red to start and it rapidly spread down her body only encircling her joints with exception to her ankles, toes and fingers. The redness did present on the distal 2/3 of her quadriceps along with her knees. There were not other symptoms.: no fever, dizziness, irregular pulse or breathing trouble. She had not eaten or drank anything. She has not allergies. She had not used any topical product or changed clothes. No physical exertion or exposure to a heat source. The hyperaemia/erythema presented in a consistent bright redness encircling each joint and fading out at edges in micro splotches, but her face presented with large splotches on forehead, cheeks, and chin. The burning in her stomach was the first symptom to fade away after 30 minutes, then her face and ears regulated in the minutes after but it took another 20 minutes for other areas to return to normal. It later occurred to us that this was not the first time and that she hands experienced similar episodes previously but it was isolated to her feet or hands. She was sick with minor cold virus symptoms a week ago but was recovered, and at no time during her mild illness did she have a fever. Could this be erythromelalgia?

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@tangledlimbs, you must be so concerned for your daughter. Here on Mayo Clinic Connect we are fellow patients and parents. We can't offer a diagnosis. Has she since been to see a doctor? What did you learn?

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