Is anyone here talking Revlimid for chemo? If so please share with me

Posted by packgb19 @packgb19, Jan 16, 2020

Today I took my 1st pill 20 Mg., please share your thoughts and how its working for you my friends.


Patrick from IL

Husband does. At first a little diarrhea. Goes away. 3 wks on, 1 week off. MDA patient, lical doc concurs. Coming up on 2nd yr, works great.


Revlimid started helping my husband immediately – his hemoglobin and other levels increased within a week. But he developed a serious rash of welts over most of his body – an allergic reaction we could not control with Benadryl & Claritin. He had to stop Revlimid. Meanwhile his Neutrophils and White Blood Count dropped so quickly it was alarming. Oncologist put him on Levofloxican for 20 days. His WBC and Neutrophils are slowly climbing back up. Watch for all white cell levels, stay away from sick people, carry hand sanitizer, be careful! The upside is that if Revlimid works, the side effects are manageable.


This month marks 8 years since I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I have been on treatment plans with Revlimid many times during my battles to manage the myeloma. I have also been on Pomalyst (which is very similar to Revlimid). I had very few side effects from Revlimid. Lower white counts and minor fatigue-absolutely no nausea, headaches, acid-reflux or severe side effects. My father-in-law has successfully stayed in remission from multiple myeloma for over 5 years by taking a low dose of Revlimid weekly. In December, I had to quit taking Pomalyst because it wasn't working on my aggressive cancer anymore. Revlimid was successful for a few years but now I have moved on to new approaches; CAR t cell therapy and Kyprolis, Darzalex, DEX trial. I hope Revlimid treats your cancer. Everyone with multiple myeloma reacts differently. I hope you have many years of Revlimid maintenance!

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