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My dad took Revlimid a number of years ago and had a bad reaction. So he had to stop. His multiple myeloma came under control with the help of daratumumab. Last year (2020) his M Spike was slowly increasing each month. We expected him to have less of a risk of a reaction this subsequent time of taking Revlimid. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks he developed a rash again. Not as bad as the first time. Had to stop Revlimid. Fortunately his M Spike is lower and stable now.

Has anyone else had this pattern? What did you and your prescribers end up deciding to do?

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Sorry to hear your dad experienced the bad reaction again, @devehf. Can you explain why they thought he would have less of a reaction now than before?

@devehf Hello Dave. My name is Nancy and I am one of the Mentors in the Blood Cancers Group. I have taken Revlimid with Velcade and Dexamethazone with a switch to Darzalex in between. My experiences have been varied but in all instances I had side effects that definitely compromised my quality of life. I eventually discontinued it. But not before it took me into remission. The point probably is that everyone is different so we are fortunate research is producing more and more quality and effective treatments. And it sounds like your dad has caring professionals helping him navigate his options. I hope that you will come back and let us know where his journey takes him. Peace, Nancy