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This month marks 8 years since I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I have been on treatment plans with Revlimid many times during my battles to manage the myeloma. I have also been on Pomalyst (which is very similar to Revlimid). I had very few side effects from Revlimid. Lower white counts and minor fatigue-absolutely no nausea, headaches, acid-reflux or severe side effects. My father-in-law has successfully stayed in remission from multiple myeloma for over 5 years by taking a low dose of Revlimid weekly. In December, I had to quit taking Pomalyst because it wasn't working on my aggressive cancer anymore. Revlimid was successful for a few years but now I have moved on to new approaches; CAR t cell therapy and Kyprolis, Darzalex, DEX trial. I hope Revlimid treats your cancer. Everyone with multiple myeloma reacts differently. I hope you have many years of Revlimid maintenance!

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With Multiple Myeloma we are all in the same boat experiencing different reactions to the newer medications. A battle that is worth to live by trying sometimes different combinations. Mine is currently Dexamethasone 20mg- Kyprolis - Revlimid 25 mg. In the fifth round my Lambda light chains are recalcitrant and delay meeting the igG.
wycowgirl307 you are though. Revlimid treats Myeloma and even more with a combo. Good luck