International travel with high calcium score

Posted by neil @neilyounger, Jan 18 3:21pm

Does anyone pack heart healthy foods (such as walnuts or canned salmon) to make sure you're staying on diet when traveling internationally? I have a very high calcium score (1160) and I'm wondering how strict I should be when on a several weeks vacation where some foods, at times, may not be available.

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Shortly you won't be worrying about the high calcium score but the soft vulnerable plaque that is implied (but not 100% certain). That is the danger, not the safer calcium deposits which have already healed.
Regarding your diet while traveling, I wouldn't pack salmon but maybe nuts but more likely I would just be conscious of what I eat and then very strict when I get home.
Also, do not stop adding medications to get your ldl-c down so low you can't see it anymore. If on Lipitor, switch to Crestor (max dose). Add Vascepa if Triglycerides are high. Drive your bp down to 115/70. Whatever it takes to not add to the plaque burden or stress on your arteries.
These are the things that are most important, don't dawdle while your cardiologist plays the fiddle.

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