Insulin and Glucose

Posted by mjones0447 @mjones0447, Feb 25, 2019

Insulin acts a key to let glucose go in. After the glucose goes in, what happens to the insulin?

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Hello @mjones0447,

Welcome to Connect. I just came across your post, and wanted to offer this information from the American Diabetes Association:
– How Your Body Uses Glucose and Insulin:

I’m also tagging @ethanmcconkey and Mentors @hopeful33250 and @johnbishop as they monitor the Diabetes/Endocrine System group on Connect:

I was wondering if you are able to share more details related to your question? It will help to bring other members with similar experiences into the conversation; I look forward to getting to know you.


Hello @mjones0447, I would like to add my welcome along with @kanaazpereira and other members. I had never thought about the role of insulin but it's a good question and it's always helpful to know how treatments work. Here's another article I found that may be helpful.

Clarifying the Role of Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes Management

I also think it might help pull others into the discussion if you were able to share more details and what type of diabetes you have?


Hello @mjones0447

This is a very good question about how insulin and glucose work together. I'm currently pre-diabetic and I've never thought much about this particular process.

I am wondering, as John and Kanaaz have mentioned if you are a diabetic now and if so, how well controlled is your diabetes? As you are comfortable sharing more about yourself, please do so.

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