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I'm addicted to my meds

Posted by @kramer, Oct 7, 2013

Hi people I have mental problems and I have to take meds but some how or some way I just crave them like I got to have them like an kid loves their candy I don’t know what to do or say to my doctor I have major depression and anxiety and panic attacks and borderline personality disorder does anyone have any suggestions how to kick this habit that’s been going on for an while



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Posted by @roxie43, Oct 8, 2013

Thank you for sharing and being honest with yourself. Medications for anxiety are habit forming (Benzos) and should only be taken as prescribed. If you feel that you are not following doc orders it could be that your dose needs to be increased but you should really discuss this with your doctor. By having an honest conversation with your doc she/he can decide what steps to take.

Jim Benedict

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Posted by @kingkudzu, Feb 28, 2016

Please excuse my sticking my nose in….benzodiazepines are super addictive and the “crash” is BAD BAD BAD. PLUS it could be life-threatening. First hand experience with someone who.was.taking the handful. Just please get the facts before you exceed Drs. Dosage. Hard to kick and dangerous. Have you considered CBD-rich cannabis. A good indica produces decreased anxiety and is not the strain refuted to create paranola or anxiety attacks. Good luck-medical research will catch up with us eventually. Please DO NOT STIGMATISE me relative to the cannabis suggestion. It worked for me! Sadly…it is illegal in this state-but they will give me Fentanyl and oxycodone x22 years secondary to a botched appliance job in my neck and back.
Thank you for sharing any experience or new modalities..and allowing me to join your forum.

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