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I'm a 59 yr old male with a BAV. I had my [...]

Posted by @jmculhane1 in Heart & Blood Health, Feb 17, 2014

I'm a 59 yr old male with a BAV. I had my last echo in Oct. of 2013. My doctor said my result were ok, mild stenosis. My question is that I've had several bouts of shortness of breath while doing strenuous activity outside in the cold. Had some light headedness when standing. Would it be advisable to see a cardiologist with expertise in congenital heart disease? I have never had a consult from any cardiologist.


Posted by @pauletta, Mar 19, 2014

By all means see a cardiologist. Anytime you have a shortness of breath or feel light headedness, have it checked out. I had open heart surgery at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville FL one year ago and I know first hand they have some of the finest surgeons' there who latterly saved my life. Make an appointment to see a cardiologist at Mayo, you won't be sorry. Its better to be save than sorry. Good Luck to you!

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