Recently been diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD

Posted by donnac1969 @donnac1969, Mar 16, 2016

Im a 46 year old female who had recently been diagnosed with CAD. I made a trip to the hospital about 2 months ago for chest pain and other cardiac symptoms. A follow up with my cardiologists resulted in an heart catheterization. They basically told me nothing and left it up to my cardiologist to inform me. He tells me that they found blockages…that’s it. He then prescribed a beta blocker, cholesterol meds, daily nitro (once a day) and blood pressure pills. I was not having them before, but now I’m having night angina attacks. They are horrible. Has anyone else had this issue? I wake up multiple times during the night with sweats and chest pain. I take a nitro under the tongue and it helps. It seems that I’m only having them when at rest.

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Hi @donnac1969 – Welcome to Connect. I’m Alyse, one of the community moderators here. While I’m not a medically trained professional, I did find some additional information on angina, which includes the symptoms that you are experiencing. It can be found here (

Have you contacted your doctor since you started having the night time attacks? If not, I would highly encourage you do to so. Your doctor is going to be able to provide you with the best information and medications specific to your condition.


Hi donnac1969. You are the same age as when I was diagnosed with CAD but I received a stent during my cardiac cath. I had a 95% blockage which was stented, and they also stated I had a 20% or so blockage elsewhere which nothing was done for. Those medications sound very familiar also. When you visit your doctor maybe talk about what side effects come with each particular medication you are on also. I also agree with Alyse. We are all individuals and things may effect each of us differently. Angina is a scary thing and talk to your cardiologist about it. If they have prescribed you Cardiac Rehab, please go if you can, this helped me a lot. Keep us posted please.

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