Diagnosed with SVT and want to talk with others

Posted by jennybell1 @jennybell1, Jan 24, 2016

I was just diagnosed with SVT and can’t seem to find any discussions with regards to that diagnosis. It was suggested by my cardiologist to visit this site for information. Anyone able to help point me in the right direction as the search engine comes up with “no results”.

I guess this is in reply to @sotiredofit, but probably a few others as well. You know one of the benefits of a discussion group like this is hearing how others have dealt with issues like yours, what kinds of treatments others are using for similar ailments, where to go for the best docs or clinic, etc. But sometimes its just in having someone to converse with or maybe just to listen to you. I may suffer from a bunch of stuff but many in this group really amaze me at how much they, like you, have on their shoulders and for how long they’ve had to deal with all of it. I really can’t add anything to help you specifically with your issues, so I’m just a cheerleader here today. My message is simply this: don’t ever lose hope, keep digging for answers, and keep talking to everyone who will listen. You will find someone with the right answers – either the right doc or clinic or maybe even the right stranger on a discussion group like this. Even tho it’s been 20 years of suffering for you, don’t give up, don’t give in and don’t ever stop learning. Good Luck.

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