I have CFH and I the water pills aren't working.

Posted by jmb73 @jmb73, May 29 9:06am

I need help. I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure Dec of 23 and am following the diet and fluid restrictions plus taking 2 and sometimes 3 water pills a day. I am gaining weight and can't figure out why. I have met with a dietician who was useless. I am 80 and she treated me like I was a child. My Dr. says my heart is not pumping the fluid out as part of it is stiff. I have Sjogrens and on meds for hypothyroid plus lots of other things but I am worried about a heart attack. Any ideas would be great.
thank you

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Often the condition(s) you have will result in what is called 'ascites'. This is the pooling of fluid in the abdomen, and unfortunately it must sometimes be drained...literally tapped and drained. It is outside my own experience, so beyond that I can be of little help.

I'm sorry nobody else has responded to you over the interval since you first posted your question.

I would recommend keeping a record of your daily morning weights after voiding. Remember to void first if you need to at all, then weigh yourself. Keep a record. The record will show the progression which might move one or more physicians to actually consider an intervention of some kind. But as always, your primary care provider is your first step toward relief, even if just to seek education or mollification.

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