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I have been suffering from abdominal pain ,gas and bloating for 8 [...]

Posted by @lizann in Digestive Health, May 20, 2014

I have been suffering from abdominal pain ,gas and bloating for 8 months. It all started with a clam linguini meal where I had initially acid reflux then developed into abdominal pain and then gas and bloating. I had my gallbladder removed two yrs ago and really didn't have a problem until 8 months ago. I have had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, abdominal scan, multiple lab tests which were always negative., except for last week when my spot/sgpt were elevated from 40 norm to 45. I do have a dx of IBS which I basically treated with a lactose free low fat diet. .I have also developed anxiety and panic attracts from the GI problems. I am now trying gluten free low fat lactose free diet.
I cannot take proton pump inhibitors as Prilosec, have tried an OTC digestive animal enzymes which gave me great gastric distress so I stopped it. I'm taking Phillips colon health probiotic.
I have loss 13 pounds since march because I can't eat enough..
I'm basically relying on Boost , rice milk , bananas, applesauce fish. Chicken, some beef and gluten free bread and crax. I am to have two tests this week...a gastric emptying test and a scan to see the intestinal arteries . My gastroenterologist is concerned about the weight loss . He doesn't feel that IBS would be the cause of wt loss. My diet is deficient I am assuming because I don't eat many veggies ..except for carrots and sweet potatoes. I'm confused about all the information on the internet ...many recommending digestive enzymes, probiotic, herbal remedies etc that I don't know what to believe or do . On last piece of info, which may gross some people out, pardon me but my poop is more orange than brown which I read indicates lack of bile for digestion .Any ideas would be
Most helpful. My doctor wants to try me on nortryptiline.

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Posted by @Margaret_Marie, May 20, 2014

Hi @lizann. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. Here is some information about lifestyle and home remedies for IBS that might be helpful: Can anyone else provide some help?


Posted by @lizann, May 20, 2014

Thank you Margaret . I think my overall problem is trapped intestinal gas .I'm using phazyme but from what I have read, it really only helps with stomach gas. I do get some relief but not much .Any ideas?

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, May 21, 2014

Hi Liz Ann. Here is a search on trapped intestinal gas on that you might find helpful: Has anyone else experienced this problem?

If you would like an expert opinion, you can schedule an appointment to be seen at Mayo Clinic here:

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