Severe pain 1 yr after colon resection

Posted by kets @kets, Dec 12, 2021

My husband has Severe pain 1 year after 4 inches of colon removed because of diverticulitis. He Feels fine sleeping but when upright and going throughout the day, pain returns. When he eats, pain. When he goes to the restroom, pain. Nothing helps. He has had multiple CT scans with and without contrast. Nothing reported. Blood work shows elevation in neutrophils but everything else is normal. What could this be? He is becoming more and more discouraged.

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There is a pain called Phantom pain, which is the feeling in the amputated or removed part of the body. also the duration of the pain and severityit diferent from person to person because it is related to the brain and nervous system
I humbly advise your husband to not stay do not stay standing out for long periods of time or tire himself, And not to eat hard-to-digest foods or foods that cause gases, such as legumes, beans, chickpeas, ets. or raw needs such as onions and others also I advise him to drink boiled anise to relieve cramps in the intestines and relieve gas I wish your husband a speedy recovery


Thank you for your reply. My husband only eats soft foods that are easily digestible. It doesn’t seem to help much. He’s in pain everyday and we don’t know where to go from here.


Hi, in 2007 I had the same surgery (8") and I felt pain in my stomach that went away after ~1 year or more. I recently (October 2020) had a bit more of my colon removed because of another problem. I still have pain from the second surgery in the same general area of my abdomen. I thought it was another hernia, but CT showed nothing. It hurts when I cough, sneeze, and get in and out of bed. Bottom line: I was told that it may be scar tissue. It went away the last time and I hope it will again (12.17.21).

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