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Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys?

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I have been on Prolia for about 8 years. About a year ago I developed kidney disease picked up on routine visit and blood work done at the hematology/ oncology office I have been going to and where I received Prolia. My creatinine was 3, BUN was 50 and GFR 17. I was sent to a nephrologist and no one could tell me what caused the dramatic increase in my numbers. Prior my creatinine had been 1.4-1.6 labeled as insufficient kidney function minor now I am told I have stage 3-4 kidney disease. I have done a lot of research as I am someone who needs answers and yes kidney disease is not listed as a side effect of Prolia HOWEVER there are studies that show Prolia can cause a SIGNIFICANT increase in PTH levels ,,,, and high PTH over time can cause kidney disease !, PTH is not commonly tested nor was it at my hematologist, The kidney doctor does it as part of his standard panel and when it was over 900 thought that it was lab error but it came back high on the repeated test as well . My own research led me to Prolia as a reason for the PTH and in the 6 months it decreased to 190 I did not take one again until I have more information. If this has been happening every 6 mos for 8 years I have to wonder if this was the cause of my sudden decline in kidney function ………….

If anyone has had any similar issue please respond,! It is not a link easily made took a lot of looking at different research and articles I do believe this is something that should be mentioned in the Prolia literature but is not !!!!

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Hi cares, prior to my first Prolia injection, my GFR was 83.5…..Now 6 months later my GFR IS 71.5…..Mt PTH were 101.4 and 88.4..I have had VITAMIN D megadoses too as my D WAS very low and symptomatic…Curious to how low my next GFR will be in Sept…..I MAY NOT RECEIVE ANYMORE PROLIA OF MY OWN VOLITION, but the elevated PTH IS OF GREAT CONCERN TOO… No one seems to make a correlation to decrease in GFR AND PROLIA….I am just a retired director of nursing….My osteoporosis is moderate to severe…. I think more studies are needed…Our health is suffering here

My wife has been on Prolia for 5 years. Her GFR dropped from 93 to 34 over that period of time. By charting many blood test results, it shows that the decline started very noticeably the year Prolia was started. Discussions with her Doctor resulted in only saying that no connection is indicated by the manufacturer.. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

I had one injection, ended up in the hospital for several weeks getting IV calcium indigo coded twice. 2 1/2 yeras later I am now in kidney failure> no doubt in my mind it is related to Prolia.