Intracranial dural arteriovenous fistula and loud pulsating sound

Posted by ganana @ganana, Feb 6, 2016

I have an intracranial dural arteriovenous fistula behind my ear for which I underwent stereotactic radio surgery 16 years ago. Results were favorable at the time. The unbearable pulsing noise subsided to a tolerable level. Recently the loud pulsating sound and squeaky straining sounds have returned, not the same as before but very uncomfortable, along with considerable tenderness behind my ear and at the base of the skull, the area within which the pulsations extend. Does anyone else suffer these symptoms? Does anyone know what conditions, medications, or changes cause the increased discomfort?

Hi @ganana,
Welcome to Connect. I moved your message to the Brain & Nervous System group because I think members following this group may be the most likely to chime in.

Here’s some basic information about dural arteriovenous fistulas and care at Mayo Clinic.

Have you spoken to your doctor about the possibility of recurrence of the “cured” dural arteriovenous fistula? Could it have come back or do you think the symptoms may be caused by something else? Either way I think it is best to consult your doctor.

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Sounds like you should have an exam and consultation with a neurosurgeon. If your same health care provider is no longer available, perhaps you can call your internist or GP and ask for a referral? If I were you, I would want to rule out a recurrence, as Colleen mentioned.

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