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Hi @colleenyoung, I am considering SRS for my DAVF. I am just trying to get some insight from others as I am concerned about getting brain radiation for no good reason. Would love to hear how it worked for others. I am also concerned about radiation necrosis. Thank you for the info, I will check out the discussion you suggested.

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Hi @lizm2 sorry, as far as I know I have not had SRS for my AVM. Nothing was removed. Only the passage of blood was altered by blocking blood vessels. An incision was made in the back of my neck at the base of my skull for the initial surgery. The surgeons were able to clean up the blood from the rupture. The next 2 surgeries involved entry through the groin in order to repair the AVM. Have you talked with your surgeon? He or she will also be exposed to the radiation. What does the surgeon have to say about the radiation exposure and risks? I wish you the best. Keep us posted on how you do. Toni

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