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I am very interested in stem cell therapy for people with early [...]

Posted by @mike0m in Lung Health, Oct 22, 2013

I am very interested in stem cell therapy for people with early pulmonary fibrosis. Anyone know of success or horror stories?

Mike O

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Posted by @gingerld, Jan 27, 2014

Mike have you heard from anyone on this subject?


Posted by @mike0m, Feb 3, 2014

Not a lot directly, but there are quite a few comments on the Pulmonary Fibrosis site ( I follow.

From those comments and the 2 day seminar I attended in San Diego in December, it appears as if stem cells are working well for cardio, eyes, livers and hair, but not a lot of progress on lungs.

There were a few reports of people who had infusions, but there were no positive provable results. And the scientists at the seminar said that they would eventually get there, but we are still quite a ways away.

But the new findings in stem cell related research are definitely increasing month by month. Last week was a big one with the finding of a simple way of making embryonic-like cells more quickly and more of them by washing them in an acid bath. The finding was by a Dr. Vacanti.

Still hoping.



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