I am 50. At 13 I had a coarctation of the aorta repaired.

Posted by BruceS @ch246cf10, Dec 26, 2015

I am 50 this year. At 13 I had a coarctation of the Aorta repaired and at 39, I developed a thoracic aneurysm(at one of the repair intersections) and had it repaired. 11 years later I have some stenosis of the Aortic Valve(it is bicuspid) and am undergoing check ups every 6 months to measure the function of the valve. My question is my chest on the left side is extremely tight and uncomfortable almost all of the time. Usually the most uncomfortable in the mid afternoon, and really bad after a large meal. An I cannot eat near as much as I did years ago. I seem the get full or uncomfortable after eating half the holiday mean I did many years ago. They removed one rib on the left so there is a gap where it used to be. What is this tightmess? Is it just scar tissue?

To complicate things the lower lobe of my left lung never really recovered and It if essentially inactive. Think they call it adilectus? I’m not a medical professional, excuse the terms and spelling.

All the best.

Have you discussed these issues with your cardiologist? I am not sure whether they are cardiac related or not, but they certainly warrant a discussion with your doc. I know that I also have an uncomfortable feeling when I eat too much, and in my case it is directly related to my Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

I just had a septal myectomy and and a subaortic membranectomy because I had an aortic stenosis. Eating really didn’t bother me before the surgery, but the fact that the aorta wasn’t doing it’s job and getting enough O2 rich blood to the other parts of my body was causing me problems. I had a rib cut on the right side and it is still floating around since 2010 from a previous thoracotomy. That being said you should probably follow up with a special cardiologist and not just a local run of the mill kind and get checked out for an abdominal aortic aneurysm…that could be related I would think….not a doctor so I don’t know.
~ Lynn

Hi Bruce (@ch246cf10)
Great questions. Also great responses from @cynaburst and @lynnkay1956.

Have you made an appointment to talk with your cardiologist? Would really like to know what s/he says.

Hello Colleen,
Yes, I have an appointment on the 19th with my Cardiologist. I have mentioned this tightness before to the Cardiologist as well.
When I was operated on to repair the Aneurysm back in 2005, they had a lot of scar tissue to deal with. My Aorta was attached to my Esophagus. with scar tissue. Figure I had from 1978 to 2005 for things to scar up inside between the two operations. The Aneurysm repair too longer than anticipated due to the scar tissue. My chest drained for three weeks.

All the best.

Sounds like this issue will be one of your top questions at your appointment on the 19th. Please let us know the outcome, Bruce.

Hi Bruce,
How did your appointment go on the 19th? Did you get some answers or clarifications? What are the next steps?

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