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Posted by @cocowill in Women's Health, Aug 28, 2012

My Doctor said I need a hysterectomy because by cervical biopsy is showing precaner cells. I have never had any others problems with my health in this area.
Does anyone want to share, I'm requesting a second opinion and I don't know anyone that has had this surgery.

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Posted by @lhermsen, Sep 26, 2012

Hey there. I am getting ready for a vaginal hysterectomy due to a cervical biopsy with moderate to severe precancerous lesions (whatever that means). From what I understand, when you aren't done having children I understand that the cryo treatment (i had that about 15 years ago), the LEEP procedure, and the Cone procedure are available. I guess it kind of depends on your doctor and the extent to your precancerous cells.


Posted by @cancersurvivor, Oct 22, 2012

I was 28 when I found out I had cervical cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. It was very scary at first but after six full months, I felt like a new woman! Not having that time of month and no more pain was awesome! Give yourself six full months, though...........that's key! Surround yourself by friends and family and stay positive!

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