How do they diagnose CVID or MAC?

Posted by joelars @joelars, Jul 25, 2019

I'm 64 . I have had COPD for about 14 years. In the last 2-3 years I have had lung infections bacterial and viral pneumonia Except for Oct 2016 when I was first diagnosed with pneumonia and in March of 2019 when I was diagnosed the 2nd time, my 6 month blood work is normal..Same with my urine tests. Following the March 2019 episode the test where you breath into a sealed balloon was analyzed normal. The only abnormalities were x-rays preceding my 2016 and 2019 hospital admittance. SInce the 2019 episode I have had to follow-up x-rays since my release from the hospital. One in APril and the other 2 weeks ago. Both show pockets of infection. I have a 3rd test a ct scan next week. I'm concerned that I have MAC or CVID. I only recently heard of these diseases from this group. Any insights or similar experiences to share?

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I was diagnosed from sputum samples and xrays. I treated for 15 months on 3 antibiotics but is has come back. Currently not treating, just watching.


@bennbo23 how long did it take to come back? what is the plan with just watching, do they think it will resolve without intervention? do they say how you got it? my doc has moved me from x-rays to ct-scans.

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