High Blood Pressure

Posted by hickson39 @hickson39, Jun 3 7:06pm

I took my blood pressure the other day on two difference blood pressure machines and they both said 195/108. Is that really high?

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Yes, that is high. The older you get, the higher it goes as a very general rule, but if you are metabolically healthy, have no comorbidities, don't smoke or ingest too much caffeine daily, don't eat much restaurant, fast food, are not overweight, and are reasonably cardiac-healthy and physically fit (yeah, that's asking a lot!), your blood pressure should be between 110-150/65-95 during the active part of the day, a little stressed, missed lunch...a typical mid-day. Awaking in the morning, after a decent sleep, you should be in the 110-125/60-80 range, but if you can, measure your BP before moving. If you do this after moving around, or sipping that first cup of jo, you'll have a higher BP.

Consult a physician about this result, and don't go long before doing it!!

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