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Posted by @torn, Sep 18, 2012

I have shortness of breath sweating ,when I try try to sleep sometimes I have to gasp for air it feels like my heart is trying to stop also have mild depression need help I know I have two leaking heart valves



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Posted by @melmaverick, Sep 28, 2012

Go to the Dr asap I’m in the hospital now for the same thing.basically the shortnessof breath can be from sleep apnea which can be ttreated.or if you have uncontrolled hypertension you could have enlarged heart which is also treatable as far as I learn I’ll add more but please go see a Dr asap

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Posted by @georgejohnson807, Nov 1, 2012

Please see a physician as soon as possible. My background is in IT so it is difficult for me to give health care advice, however based on my healthcare experience, we need to take significant steps to keep us safe.
Please let me know how you are feeling!


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Posted by @torn, Nov 3, 2012

Just saw my doctor all of 5min .he ordered a halter monitor, and a echo cardio gram.he said my heart won’t stop on me he doesn’t seemed to concerned,but Im scared I had a real bad episode last night I could not get my breath I’m tired sometimes Im afraid to close my eyes

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Posted by @fishinglady, Nov 9, 2012

i would get in asap to see a doctor.

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