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Heart issues

Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 9, 2011

For 15 years now, ive had irregular heartbeats for no reason.
I can be walking/sitting/ in bed, ect and suddenly my heart feels like it pauses, than beats hard-fast for a couple beats then returns to normal. Sometimes this will happen alot throughout the day, othertimes I can go weeks with no symptoms.
I also notice that sometimes my heart will beat very strongly, when at rest while it’s not irregular or anything it does bother me. This usually lasts for about 1-2 hrs than subsides. It just feels forceful, like it’s beating harder than it needs to. This happens more at night.

Ive had ECG’s, holter monitors , heart ultrasound, blood tests. But doctors say it’s nothing to worry about????

Any ideas?



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Posted by @calamityjane, Feb 16, 2012

I’ve had similar symptoms that I attributed to panic and anxiety since my early 20s.Jan. 2011 I wasn’t feeling well went to ER, put in hospital, had every heart test under the sun all wer’e ok, no heart disease but I was diagnosed with Ventricular Tachcycardia.I take a beta blocker now it helps alot,doesn’t cure it but keeps it under control. I may have been born with it.Hope you feel better.

fishing lady

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Posted by @fishinglady, Aug 11, 2012

I would get a second opion if I were you.

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