Grover's Disease tied to Shinglix Vaccine

Posted by gardeningjunkie @gardeningjunkie, Jan 14, 2020

A member of the Grover's Disease, GD, discussion questioned if he could have acquired GD from his Shingles Vaccine as he began having GD symptoms after the shot. It made me realize my last outbreak began 3 days after my Shinglix vaccine shot. I read nothing about this on the literature for this shot I studied on the internet. I saw my dermatologist yesterday to ask if there was a tie in and he said, "Yes, 100% this vaccine can initiate or cause GD symptoms to return". For those not familiar with GD look it up. It is an intensely itching and painful torso rash that comes and goes for life. The collagen in the skin is changed. I can't believe Shingles is any more miserable. I so wished I had checked with my dermatologist first. Presently a prescription is not needed for this shot and can be given at any pharmacy which has it in stock. I also did not read anything on all the pages I signed warning me that it could trigger this disease before I got this shot at Sam's Club. My dermatologist is Jonathan Bellew, DO of the Mohave Skin and Cancer Center in Arizona and Nevada.

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