Ground Glass Attenuation

Posted by ooster @ooster, May 18, 2020

Hello, I have State 3a/b squamis cell lung cancer. I was diagnosed in October of 2019. I have undergone 30 radiation treatments & 6 chemo treatments. Now I am on #6 of immunotherapy. I am in Indiana at this time (I am a snowbird from Florida) & started with a new oncologist. He ran a PET scan to see my progress & the tumor has shrunk again since my February CT scan, which I am so thankful for. This time, however, it showed ground glass attenuation. The nurse practitioner said it was caused from the radiation & that it wasn't cancer. I have since called my radiation doctor in Florida to get her response to the results. I haven't heard from her yet. My question is, is this something I need to worry about?

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@ooster– Welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm glad that you found us. Nurses are wonderful and sometimes know a lot. They are not doctors so you need to ask your doctor. And yes, you might need to worry about ground-glass nodules. Some GG is indicative of non-cancerous problems but some aren't. If you haven't heard from a doctor than you need to call the doctor who will receive the results of your scan and talk to that person. Here is some information for you.
I'm like a wildcat looking for food when it comes to doctors who don't call as soon as my results are in. I call, call, call. I hope that you can be aggressive with this! What day last week did you have a PET?

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