Gifts for Caregivers

Posted by Becky, Volunteer Mentor @becsbuddy, Nov 19, 2019

I found this great list in Spry Living magazine which came in my newspaper. Some great suggestions!
1. Time Off. Give someone a day off or a weekend off.
2. Monetary Support: “ a friend gave us a monthly parking pass at the hospital. It made things so much easier”
3. Quality Time: Take a treat and just sit and visit
4. Meals: “when my daughter was struggling with cancer, her friends took turns bringing us prepared dishes, and it was a godsend.”
5. Child or pet care: Add your friend’s dog to your daily walk schedule! They are often forgotten
I recently read where one lady made a quilt from her friend’s daughter’s clothes. It made a great, warm, comfort quilt for her friend! Now, we can’t all make quilts, that’s for sure! What ideas do you have? Something you’ve done or has been done for you?

Thank you for the input on maybe seeing a counselor with my husband re caregiving and emotional support. He saw his own counselor today who encouraged him to invite me to a session if I'd like to go. I said I'd go anytime.

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