Should I get genetic testing?

Posted by benjones @benjones, May 21 10:23am

I've been recently diagnosed with a 4.5cm aortic root aneurysm. I have 4 adult children. Should I have genetic testing for my children's sake?

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Hardcore YES!!!

In fact, get whole exome testing, not just the standard genetic panel for aortic aneurysm. Those mainly look for connective tissue disorders and will miss a lot of vasculitudes that also cause aneurysm.

Your adult children should get imaging when they are able to anyway. It's not like we know everything we need to know about the human genome and epigenetics. This can be done in conjunction with other tests they may need. My daughter has GI issues and had a chest/pelvis CT. I asked if they could specifically pay attention to her aorta while doing that scan. They did. She is clear for now. 🙂

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